When Having Free time at Boarding Flight School

free timeIn general, cadets in flight school study from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, they have free time to release stress and get relaxed while forgetting all difficulties and problems at school. Anyway, what do you do when having free time at boarding flight school? If you just spend most of your time to sleep, you will deal with headache and fever. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to do these when having free time:

Enlarge your knowledge and skill

Do you want to fall behind from other cadets? If you don’t, use your free time to enlarga your knowledge and skill. How? Read your lesson books and then gather a lot of references on internet. You can also use facilities at pilot school if you are allowed. For instance, if you are allowed to use simulator on holiday, use it as well as possible. Keep in mind not to ruin it whatever your reasons are. In other hand, if this cannot be done, you can go outside and play video games that are related to fly plane so you can improve your flying skills. If possible, you can meet your instructors and ask their suggestions, tips, and experience.

Travel together with classmates

If pilot school parties enable all cadets to hangout when having free time, invite your classmates to travel together. This is useful and important to do so you can get new experience, feel happy, and release stress. Before traveling, it is better to report pilot school parties first and discuss with your classmates about destination places. Make sure that you and your friends don’t go to destination place that is located in far away location. Why? If there is transportation which pick up you and your friends again, you can come to dormitory late and get punishment at last.

Communicate with your beloved ones

How good your relationship with your beloved ones? If your answer is bad, fix it as soon as possible. For this, use your free time to communicate with them. You can send messages, make calls, or do video calls. Remember to enjoy chatting with them by discussing about their condition, story, or even problem. If they ask for your suggestions, give positive and good suggetions so they can solve their problem. Make sure that you use polite and appropriate words so they are not offended.

Anyway, if you have a girlfriend, communicating with her is also important. You must trust her so she trusts you too. Spend one or two hours to chat with her and tell about your activities at pilot school. Besides, listen to her stories and support her so she gets comfort and peace. If you and your sweetheart have problem, explain to her what is going on and apologize as soon as possible if you are guilty. If she is guilty, forgive her as long as her mistake can still be tolerated. You need to know that running long distance relationship is not easy, especially if you have to stay at dormitory for more than one year.

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