Want to Be a Pilot? You Must Have Good English Proficiency

Be a pilotAre you ready to be a pilot? Have you found the right pilot school? Do you prepare for everything well? In your struggle to be a pilot, there’s a list of criteria you have to fulfill. One of the most important things after budget is English proficiency. Yes, did you get good English during high school? Can you speak and write in English fluently? Improve your ability by learning on and on is crucial when it comes to being a pilot.

Indeed, every pilot candidate ought to master English because he will deal with aircraft or plane in which the instruments are totally in English. Another reason why having English proficiency is a must for pilots is the fact that they will travel abroad and meet foreign people. That’s right. It is a matter of communication. Therefore, if you are not confident enough with your ability, go learn English more. In order to help you take steps, here are some important points you probably need to follow:

Know your weakness first

If you want to study English, it’s better to do evaluation and introspection first in order to find your weakness. In what aspects do you lack? Maybe, you are good at writing, but not at speaking. In other side, you probably need to improve your ability specifically in grammar, vocabulary, or pronunication. This is very crucial because you will not waste so much time in which you can focus on your need and the thing that must be improved. If you are still confused, assess yourself first by trying to look back to your school report book. On the other hand, you can take an online test to provide assessment for your grammar ability or vocabulary mastery.

Find a mentor (if needed)

Learning by yourself is a great idea to save money and get freedom. However, it is just recommended for those of you who can be disciplined since self-learning is quite hard. Meanwhile, if you have a mentor, you can get assistance and support to learn English very well. The drawback is you ought to pay some money for your mentor, but it’s worth it as long as you are with a truly professional mentor in the field. To find the best English teacher, you need to pay attention to the track record and consider his/her fee. Also you are highly suggested to join in institution that already has its own system, experienced teachers, and supporting facilites. That way you will get peace of mind regarding to the learning quality.

Practice daily

The main point in learning English is practice. It doesn’t produce improvement at all if you just have a lot of notes and get the theory. Indeed your mentor will helps you practice during the learning process. Additionally, you must be active on your own. Practice more often every day to write, and speak in English as well as listen to English text and read one. By practicing, you will be familiar with English words. It enriches your vocabulary, make you know the correct pronunciation, help you fix your grammar mistakes, and add to your reading comprehension.

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