If You Get Job at an Airline

job seekersGetting job at an airline is one of the best things in life. You should be grateful to God because not all graduates of pilot school can get job at airline easily. Sometimes, they have to spend much money and time and then wait for couple years to get job. That is why if you get job at an airline, be grateful and then do these:

Tell your beloved ones

You should tell your beloved ones about this good news. Yup, they have to know about this so they also feel happy and proud of you. Remember not to be excessive, especially if you write status on your social media account by using excessive words. Stay calm and enjoy your achievement. If you have money, you may throw a grateful party and invite your family members and close friends. Keep in mind not to force yourself if you don’t have money, okay!

Apply healthy lifestyle

You need to know that you can work at night, morning, or afternoon based on flight schedule. The point is you have to be ready to work anytime. Because of this, you have to apply healthy lifestyle. This is important to do because you will get sick sooner or later if you cannot adapt well. Realize that you can go home midnight and then work in the morning. If you decide to stay up, you will feel tired and sleepy at work. This is not good for your job because airline parties can punish you if you come late or don’t work optimally. Besides, you will get difficulty in being promoted to be first officer or co-pilot.

healthy life a

How to apply healthy lifestyle? It is easy because you just need to remove your bad lifestyle and replace it with healthy ones. Start by doing sports regularly, minimum three times a week, consuming vegetables and fruits, avoiding eating junk foods and drinking alcohol, taking enough rest (8 hours per day), stopping staying up, and so on. Remember to enjoy running this lifestyle so you can maintain your body health optimally.

Work smartly and professionally

This is a must if you want to continue working at airline. Unfortunately, there are some second officers who cannot do this because they have bad habits. They usually work as they like, come late, and violence the existing rules. These make them get punishments at last. The worst part is they are fired so they become unemployment. You definitely don’t want to do this with this problem, right? Therefore, work as well as possible although you still need to learn. If you already have couple years of experience, work smartly and professionally so you can minimize the risks of making any mistakes.

Furthermore, another important thing is continuing showing your best efforts so you can be promoted to be a first officer and then a captain. This is not got instantly because you should fight and need to pass a long process. Believe and think positively so you can realize your dream someday later.

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