Before Doing Emergency Landing

Fokker 100 airplane makes an emergency  landing on the tarmac of Stuttgart's airportIn general, emergency landing is done by pilots because of two things: broken engine and bad weather. Actually, pilots rarely do this because emergency landing is very risk. Plane can get serious damage and passengers can get any personal injuries. Anyway, if you are a pilot who deals with this problem, do you know what you should do before doing it? If you don’t, it is better to follow tips below:

Contact tower staffs

Yup, landing plane is not easy and simple. Pilots have to contact tower staffs to do this first. If they don’t do this, there is much possibility to deal with any accidents. What happens next if pilot does emergency landing when there is a plane which wants to take off? Of course, planes will crash and make many victims. For this, you should contact tower staffs and inform them what is going on in plane so they can prepare runway as soon as possible.

Follow all instructions

You need to know that tower staffs need time to clean runway before you do emergency landing. They can ask you to rotate flight rute first till runway is really safe. They also ask you to maintain plane altitude so you can land aircraft smoothly at last. In other hand, if you don’t follow their instructions, you will fail to land plane and you can be blamed to this accident. You need to know that you fly together with many passengers. Imagine how sad passengers’ family if they have to miss their beloved ones.

What if you don’t have enough time to rotate flight rute or wait till runway is really safe? Tell tower staffs that you cannot do it because plane gets serious damage or weather is very bad. In this situation, decision is in your hand. If you decide to land aircraft, do it as well as possible and make sure that you can minimize the damage and disadvantage. Also ask for help from tower staffs to call support so plane can be stopped if plane runs out runway.

Ask passengers to use seatbelt and mask

When doing emergency landing, plane usually vibrates in a few minutes. If passengers don’t sit and use seatbelt, they can fall down and get any personal injuries. Furthermore, old passengers can deal with respiratory disorder that makes them get difficulty in breating if they don’t use available mask. Thus, ask all passengers to use seatbelt and mask so the risks of getting any persona injuries can be minimized optimally.

How about passengers who have lung disorder? Ask other passengers and air hostesses to calm them down. Also ask them to close their eyes so they are not panic and afraid. If they cannot be helped anymore, tell tower staffs to provide ambulances and doctors as soon as possible. By doing this, they can get medical treatment fast after plane succeeds to land. Anyway, also don’t forget to ask tower staffs to call fire fighters because emergency landing can cause fire in aircraft.

Hopefully, you land plane safely and there is no passenger who gets serious personal injuries. Good luck. 🙂

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