When Having Free time at Boarding Flight School

free timeIn general, cadets in flight school study from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, they have free time to release stress and get relaxed while forgetting all difficulties and problems at school. Anyway, what do you do when having free time at boarding flight school? If you just spend most of your time to sleep, you will deal with headache and fever. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to do these when having free time:

Enlarge your knowledge and skill

Do you want to fall behind from other cadets? If you don’t, use your free time to enlarga your knowledge and skill. How? Read your lesson books and then gather a lot of references on internet. You can also use facilities at pilot school if you are allowed. For instance, if you are allowed to use simulator on holiday, use it as well as possible. Keep in mind not to ruin it whatever your reasons are. In other hand, if this cannot be done, you can go outside and play video games that are related to fly plane so you can improve your flying skills. If possible, you can meet your instructors and ask their suggestions, tips, and experience.

Travel together with classmates

If pilot school parties enable all cadets to hangout when having free time, invite your classmates to travel together. This is useful and important to do so you can get new experience, feel happy, and release stress. Before traveling, it is better to report pilot school parties first and discuss with your classmates about destination places. Make sure that you and your friends don’t go to destination place that is located in far away location. Why? If there is transportation which pick up you and your friends again, you can come to dormitory late and get punishment at last.

Communicate with your beloved ones

How good your relationship with your beloved ones? If your answer is bad, fix it as soon as possible. For this, use your free time to communicate with them. You can send messages, make calls, or do video calls. Remember to enjoy chatting with them by discussing about their condition, story, or even problem. If they ask for your suggestions, give positive and good suggetions so they can solve their problem. Make sure that you use polite and appropriate words so they are not offended.

Anyway, if you have a girlfriend, communicating with her is also important. You must trust her so she trusts you too. Spend one or two hours to chat with her and tell about your activities at pilot school. Besides, listen to her stories and support her so she gets comfort and peace. If you and your sweetheart have problem, explain to her what is going on and apologize as soon as possible if you are guilty. If she is guilty, forgive her as long as her mistake can still be tolerated. You need to know that running long distance relationship is not easy, especially if you have to stay at dormitory for more than one year.

Before Doing Emergency Landing

Fokker 100 airplane makes an emergency  landing on the tarmac of Stuttgart's airportIn general, emergency landing is done by pilots because of two things: broken engine and bad weather. Actually, pilots rarely do this because emergency landing is very risk. Plane can get serious damage and passengers can get any personal injuries. Anyway, if you are a pilot who deals with this problem, do you know what you should do before doing it? If you don’t, it is better to follow tips below:

Contact tower staffs

Yup, landing plane is not easy and simple. Pilots have to contact tower staffs to do this first. If they don’t do this, there is much possibility to deal with any accidents. What happens next if pilot does emergency landing when there is a plane which wants to take off? Of course, planes will crash and make many victims. For this, you should contact tower staffs and inform them what is going on in plane so they can prepare runway as soon as possible.

Follow all instructions

You need to know that tower staffs need time to clean runway before you do emergency landing. They can ask you to rotate flight rute first till runway is really safe. They also ask you to maintain plane altitude so you can land aircraft smoothly at last. In other hand, if you don’t follow their instructions, you will fail to land plane and you can be blamed to this accident. You need to know that you fly together with many passengers. Imagine how sad passengers’ family if they have to miss their beloved ones.

What if you don’t have enough time to rotate flight rute or wait till runway is really safe? Tell tower staffs that you cannot do it because plane gets serious damage or weather is very bad. In this situation, decision is in your hand. If you decide to land aircraft, do it as well as possible and make sure that you can minimize the damage and disadvantage. Also ask for help from tower staffs to call support so plane can be stopped if plane runs out runway.

Ask passengers to use seatbelt and mask

When doing emergency landing, plane usually vibrates in a few minutes. If passengers don’t sit and use seatbelt, they can fall down and get any personal injuries. Furthermore, old passengers can deal with respiratory disorder that makes them get difficulty in breating if they don’t use available mask. Thus, ask all passengers to use seatbelt and mask so the risks of getting any persona injuries can be minimized optimally.

How about passengers who have lung disorder? Ask other passengers and air hostesses to calm them down. Also ask them to close their eyes so they are not panic and afraid. If they cannot be helped anymore, tell tower staffs to provide ambulances and doctors as soon as possible. By doing this, they can get medical treatment fast after plane succeeds to land. Anyway, also don’t forget to ask tower staffs to call fire fighters because emergency landing can cause fire in aircraft.

Hopefully, you land plane safely and there is no passenger who gets serious personal injuries. Good luck. 🙂

If You Get Job at an Airline

job seekersGetting job at an airline is one of the best things in life. You should be grateful to God because not all graduates of pilot school can get job at airline easily. Sometimes, they have to spend much money and time and then wait for couple years to get job. That is why if you get job at an airline, be grateful and then do these:

Tell your beloved ones

You should tell your beloved ones about this good news. Yup, they have to know about this so they also feel happy and proud of you. Remember not to be excessive, especially if you write status on your social media account by using excessive words. Stay calm and enjoy your achievement. If you have money, you may throw a grateful party and invite your family members and close friends. Keep in mind not to force yourself if you don’t have money, okay!

Apply healthy lifestyle

You need to know that you can work at night, morning, or afternoon based on flight schedule. The point is you have to be ready to work anytime. Because of this, you have to apply healthy lifestyle. This is important to do because you will get sick sooner or later if you cannot adapt well. Realize that you can go home midnight and then work in the morning. If you decide to stay up, you will feel tired and sleepy at work. This is not good for your job because airline parties can punish you if you come late or don’t work optimally. Besides, you will get difficulty in being promoted to be first officer or co-pilot.

healthy life a

How to apply healthy lifestyle? It is easy because you just need to remove your bad lifestyle and replace it with healthy ones. Start by doing sports regularly, minimum three times a week, consuming vegetables and fruits, avoiding eating junk foods and drinking alcohol, taking enough rest (8 hours per day), stopping staying up, and so on. Remember to enjoy running this lifestyle so you can maintain your body health optimally.

Work smartly and professionally

This is a must if you want to continue working at airline. Unfortunately, there are some second officers who cannot do this because they have bad habits. They usually work as they like, come late, and violence the existing rules. These make them get punishments at last. The worst part is they are fired so they become unemployment. You definitely don’t want to do this with this problem, right? Therefore, work as well as possible although you still need to learn. If you already have couple years of experience, work smartly and professionally so you can minimize the risks of making any mistakes.

Furthermore, another important thing is continuing showing your best efforts so you can be promoted to be a first officer and then a captain. This is not got instantly because you should fight and need to pass a long process. Believe and think positively so you can realize your dream someday later.

Want to Be a Pilot? You Must Have Good English Proficiency

Be a pilotAre you ready to be a pilot? Have you found the right pilot school? Do you prepare for everything well? In your struggle to be a pilot, there’s a list of criteria you have to fulfill. One of the most important things after budget is English proficiency. Yes, did you get good English during high school? Can you speak and write in English fluently? Improve your ability by learning on and on is crucial when it comes to being a pilot.

Indeed, every pilot candidate ought to master English because he will deal with aircraft or plane in which the instruments are totally in English. Another reason why having English proficiency is a must for pilots is the fact that they will travel abroad and meet foreign people. That’s right. It is a matter of communication. Therefore, if you are not confident enough with your ability, go learn English more. In order to help you take steps, here are some important points you probably need to follow:

Know your weakness first

If you want to study English, it’s better to do evaluation and introspection first in order to find your weakness. In what aspects do you lack? Maybe, you are good at writing, but not at speaking. In other side, you probably need to improve your ability specifically in grammar, vocabulary, or pronunication. This is very crucial because you will not waste so much time in which you can focus on your need and the thing that must be improved. If you are still confused, assess yourself first by trying to look back to your school report book. On the other hand, you can take an online test to provide assessment for your grammar ability or vocabulary mastery.

Find a mentor (if needed)

Learning by yourself is a great idea to save money and get freedom. However, it is just recommended for those of you who can be disciplined since self-learning is quite hard. Meanwhile, if you have a mentor, you can get assistance and support to learn English very well. The drawback is you ought to pay some money for your mentor, but it’s worth it as long as you are with a truly professional mentor in the field. To find the best English teacher, you need to pay attention to the track record and consider his/her fee. Also you are highly suggested to join in institution that already has its own system, experienced teachers, and supporting facilites. That way you will get peace of mind regarding to the learning quality.

Practice daily

The main point in learning English is practice. It doesn’t produce improvement at all if you just have a lot of notes and get the theory. Indeed your mentor will helps you practice during the learning process. Additionally, you must be active on your own. Practice more often every day to write, and speak in English as well as listen to English text and read one. By practicing, you will be familiar with English words. It enriches your vocabulary, make you know the correct pronunciation, help you fix your grammar mistakes, and add to your reading comprehension.